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10/12/14 06:20 PM #7    

Susan B. Nestler

Dear Nola, George, Mike, and all those that put together a most wonderful 50th reunion,

I echo Susie Feather's previous comments and hope we can all continue to stay in touch via the website, etc.

I really had fun and was thrilled to catch up and spend so much time (but not enough) with good friends, sharing memories and building new ones.  We had a great class.  I thought so then, and I am convinced ---50 years later---that I was right.

I plan to get to bed early tonight.  Three nights in a row is not what it used to be, or maybe I am not what I used to be......

Love to all,

Susie N.

10/12/14 07:34 PM #8    


Bette Williams (McDermott)


Thank you all for making this reunion the best ever!  I hope all who attended enjoyed themselves as much as I did and had/have a safe trip home. 

May those of you who were unable to attend join us at the next reunion. 

Till next time.........


10/13/14 09:53 AM #9    


Carole Hughes (Bray)

Just wanted to thank all of the committee members who made this event possible. I appreciate all the time and work that was put into it over the past year. Hope all made it home safely.

10/13/14 04:09 PM #10    


Rob Eisele

Reunion Committee

Would like to add my thanks for all the hard work and pulling off a great reunion, and special thanks to Mike Vernotico and his wife for opening their house to all of us on Friday night.

BTW, my wife, Lorraine, got LOLs out of learning that I was a "answer" in the trivia contest...........


Best to All

Rob Eisele

10/14/14 12:38 PM #11    


Carolyn B. Frantzen (LaBouliere)

Dear Nola, Mike, Sid, David, Johnny, Betty, Carole , George, and any other members of the reunion committee I may have left out,

Thanks so much for all your hard work this past weekend! I had such a blast that I am ready to crash the class of  '65. Mike's house looks phenomenal, and it was such a treat to start out there and start tagging up. So much fun to hear about everyone's life experiences . You all did a fabulous job--thanks again!

Carolyn Frantzen LaBouliere

10/14/14 03:34 PM #12    


Janet Wise (Rodkey)

Although I was unable to attend the reunion festivities, it sounds like it was a resounding success!  Thank you for all your hard work in organizing the entire weekend, and especially for setting up a fantastic interactive website!  In this era of I-phones, texting, and wi-fi, it is hard to remember that an electric typewriter was once considered a big deal!

Hopefully someone will post some photos! Congratulations on a job well done!



10/14/14 05:16 PM #13    


Patricia D. Burke (Kuhn)

Absolutely outstanding job!  Thank you to the reunion committee for all the time and effort (and creativity) to make this incredible event such a success!!!

10/14/14 05:38 PM #14    


Andrea Randel

I want to add my thanks to the committee for all your hard work both before and during the reunion!  You made it a very special occasion.

10/15/14 11:37 AM #15    


Peter Heath (Heath)

Dear Reunion Committee,

    You did an awsome job.  The reunion was great.I enjoyed visiting with everyone, and even talked with some classmates with whom I had never spoken before.  Thenk you, again.

10/15/14 02:19 PM #16    


Laurence King

Kudos to the Class of '64 reunion committee for all their hard work and efforts to create a truly memorable 50th reunion!  Special thanks to George and Nola for keeping us informed, and to Mike V. for his hospitality on Friday night.  If you want to download a digistized version of the "Sounds of 64" recording that came with our yearbooks, just click on the heading on the upper left cornerof our homepage.

10/16/14 01:19 PM #17    


John Wnorowski


This was a once in a life time opportunity for all of us, it was worth the trip from Oregon.  Thank you class of 64' Committee for all your hard work it showed.

10/16/14 01:59 PM #18    

Karen Jaffe (Ward)

Dear Reunion Committee,

Thank you for all your hard work.  I agree it was a rousing success!  Thank you to the Vernotico's for finishing all the remodeling just in time for our Friday night gathering, that had to be stressful but much appreciated.

The party was fun, the food was way beyond expectations and it was great to see so many friends I haven't seen in over 25 years.  It seemed like a happy group of people, that was a joy to behold!  And congratulations to all those inducted in the hall of fame!  


10/16/14 06:59 PM #19    


Don Winterton

The Class of '64 Reunion Committe did an awesome job - glad we made the trip "up" to New Jersey for it - I ready enjoyed seeing everyone. Also went to Mike & Joanne's for the Friday casual get-together.  Glad we went to everything.   We also went to the SHS breakfast on Sunday morning at Summit Jr. High (Middle) School, and then left for SC from there.    We just got home from visiting our daughter, her husband, and our grand-daughter in Lexington, SC for two days - got to Lexington late Monday night at 6:08 PM, so we stayed until early this morning - it was a 570 mile drive to home from Lexington - Lynne drove the entire distance in her vehicle.  Lynne said she'd never drive it again!     Lucky for us it was downhill to Alabama.   Our daughter's husband does video for the SC Gamecocks football team, so we all went to a SC Gamecocks Coaches Only (& training and video guys) dinner last night at Williams-Brice Stadium in Columbia; only person there at I knew besides Jamie's family was head-coach Steve Spurrier and his wife, Jerri - all together there were 200+ people (all coaches and their families) there - no players!

              D      o      n

10/17/14 10:07 AM #20    

Gretchen Lewis (Bereiter)

I've made it back to Southern California and, although it's great to be home, I sure do miss the east, Summit and all that is there. It's great to share old memories, "victory parades" after a football game, cokes after school at Martins, Hobby Hall, etc. but all of that isn't diddly without the classmates. I thank the committee and all their significant others for their efforts. Truly a success.

10/17/14 10:35 AM #21    

Calimera (Carole) Frederick

Thanks to all who attended the reunion !! And thanks to all who thought about all of us who weren't able to attend !! I also want to thank my fellow committee members who have worked so hard to make a fun time for all !! Hope you all enjoyed yourselves and had safe trips home !! I keep making friends and renewing old friendships too with each of our reunions. Summit has changed so much but in many ways has stayed the same too !! Until we meet again ..........

10/17/14 03:39 PM #22    


Louis Di Girolomo, Jr.

I had a great time at the Friday get together and the reunion.Thanks to the committee for putting together a really fun time.I only wish I had the time to talk to more people.Who knows maybe the next time.

10/17/14 03:58 PM #23    


Monroe (Alex) Brown

A very special thank you to all of you that made this reunion possible.  You all are the best of the best.  Many nice memories were gained; each priceless, as so many memories in the past were.  Thanks so much to the Committee, again; with a special thanks to Nola, Carole, Bette, and Dave.  And thank you, Pete, for taking me to Tatlock Field before I flew back to Tennessee.  Being there again, while a game was actually being played, and viewing the named stones in the entrance walkway to guys like Coach Howie, Mike and others was transcendental in its compelling emotion, such that it almost brought me to tears.  What a wonderful thing to be able to do as a part of this reunion visit.  All the best of good fortune to everyone in our unforgettable class of 1964.         Monroe Alex

10/18/14 05:20 PM #24    


Timothy Ryder

You're a tough act to follow, Alex, but you're spot on with the emotions - seeing so many old friends while also making more new ones. I think we could have gone on for another 3 days with still more to reminisce.  Thanks so much to all the committee members for bringing it all together.  Thanks also for keeping this web site going. I hope we will all keep our profiles up and stay in touch.  Tim

07/13/15 04:47 PM #25    


Sue Ann Robinson

I am a "bit" tardy with my thanks, but they are none-the-less sincere. I had a great time at the reunion. The committee did an OUTSTANDING job of pulling the reunion together and making it possible for so many of us to renew friendships. I only wish we all lived closer together to get together more often! And I especially appreciate the web site. I'll try to check in more often. I'm still working two jobs plus caregiving plus artmaking. It's made me a poor correspondent. But I think of you all so often and hope that everyone is enjoying a healthy and happy summer. Best in art and life, Sue Ann

09/29/15 05:45 PM #26    


Monroe (Alex) Brown


Monroe (Alex) Brown 

It was almost a year ago that we met. I wish we could turn the clock back to that time. Yet, I wonder how many of us could make such a trip if it were coming up this October, 2015. Glad I made the trip then, and could see as many people as I could there. Would have liked to have seen many more! Maybe, some day, there will be another opportunity. However, it may be difficult to venture to Summit again, at least as things stand now.

12/24/15 12:09 PM #27    


Bette Williams (McDermott)


Wishing all a very happy holiday season no matter how you and your family celebrates. It is a time for reflection and also to look forward to the coming year. The reunion holds many good memories for me.  I hope all have a safe, happy and HEALTHY 2016!  I hope to see all of you at our next reunion!

Peace to all,

Bette Williams McDermott




12/25/15 12:30 PM #28    


Monroe (Alex) Brown

Thanks Bette.  A very blessed holiday period for you and your entire family, and a prosperous happy New Year!

12/26/15 11:46 AM #29    


Patricia D. Burke (Kuhn)

Merry Christmas to all!!!

12/26/15 10:25 PM #30    


Sue Ann Robinson

Thinking of you all fondly at this Holiday season. Wishing all happy holidays and healthy, creative, joyous new year. I hope that I might see some of you in 2016 here or there. Anyone remembering my mother, Peg Robinson, and anything about her that you recall, it would be nice to hear from you before her 100th birthday in April 2016. She loves getting messages and I read them to her. I'm still teaching at CSULB twice a week, working on an exhibition that opens in March at the Long Beach Museum of Art, and working on book art commission in my studio. Life is full. I have great memories of our reunion and look forward to the next one! Meanwhile, Happy New Year. Best in art and life, Sue Ann

03/26/21 12:19 PM #31    

Robert Sherman

Like many of our other classmates I was shocked and sadden to hear of Mike’s passing.  I remember Mike as a good friend in high school and appreciated the work he did for our reunions.  I will miss seeing him at our 60th in 2024.  My condolences to his family. 

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